Emociones y ciencias sociales en el S. XX: La precuela del giro afectivo.

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2014
Authors  Enciso, G.; Lara, A.
Journal Title  Athenea Digital - Revista de Pensamiento e Investigación Social
Volume  14
Pages  263-288
ISSN Number  1578-8946
Key Words  Giro Afectivo; Emociones; Ciencias Sociales; Precuela; Historia
Abstract  El Giro Afectivo es un movimiento innovador que está transformando la producción de conocimiento basado en el estudio del afecto y la emoción. En este trabajo sostenemos que hay un punto que no se ha desarrollado, una deuda con el origen del giro que es necesario saldar para comprender el papel actual de los estudios del afecto y la emoción en la academia. Así, nuestra propuesta es una precuela que narra lo que sucedió con el estudio de las emociones al interior de las Ciencias Sociales durante el siglo XX. Para contar la historia antes de la Historia, articulamos esta precuela en la que sostenemos que las condiciones de posibilidad para el Giro Afectivo se pueden comprender a través de siete líneas de estudio de las emociones que se desarrollaron previamente. Nuestra precuela explica el presente desde el pasado, invocando siete aproximaciones al estudio de la emoción: El Socioconstruccionismo, la Psicología Social Discursiva, los Estudios Culturales de las Emociones, las Emocionologías, la Sociología Interpretativa, la Sociolingüística de las Emociones, y los Estudios Feministas de las Emociones.
DOI  http://dx.doi.org/10.5565/rev/athenead/v14n1.1094
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The propouse of this code is assist the process of duplicating a site (that you setup and filled with common/essential content) into different "subsites".

This script will "clone" your BASE site (where your SHARED tables will remain stored) creating new tables with the same content than in BASE site but with your new tables prefixes. It aslo creates the needed symbolic links for the new sites and default settings.php will be placed in /sites/sitenameurl directory so in most of the cases (only in gnu/linux platforms), the new subsites will be ready to login.

I hope it will be useful for those that create a "drupal site model" that like to replicate into new site instances and only want a single database.

WARNING: A few tables of drupal will NOT be exactly cloned. Here you can find an explanation and a reference to the point of the code where the operation is performed:
  • [1] sequence: Durpal needs the right subprefix in this table to work, so "BASE_sequence" table's structure will be cloned, but content will be parsed with the right subsite's prefix (instead of BASE one). This replacement of prefixes is mandatory if you expect your new subsites will be able to add new data to some important tables.
  • [2] sessions: A session table with inconsistent data will be a nightmare in your future subsite's logins. If is requested to clone _session table's structure will be duplicated, but not it's content.
  • [3] cache tables: Any table with "cache" word in it's name will be cloned at structure level, but not it's content. Are you sure you need to be risky with cache issues?
  • [4] watchdog: I can't imagine why do you want to duplicate your development log in your destination sites.

License: GPL2 (so feel free to modify if this don't fit with your needs)
Road map: If I found time or somebody likes to follow this work, this script will become a module that I suggest could be called "Site cloner".
Author: Marc Bria (marc.bria[nospam]uab.es (May 2007)
Disclaimer: Don't call or mail or chase me if this pice of code kills your cat or remove any important data in your Drupal. I just share this to help, but last responsible is only yours. BTW, yes.. I'm a really bad programmer far from being a Drupal expert so improve this code and share with us if you can do it better.

ALL-IN-ONE SQL CREATION QUERY: Table creation for every prefix

The following script will generate a SQL query to clone ALL your tables from [Array] to your prefixes:
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ALL-IN-ONE SQL REMOVE QUERY: Table drop for every prefix

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