BPS Social Psychology Conference 2010

JOVENTIC participa en el BPS Social Psychology Conference 2010: “Social Psychology in Action: Theoretical Debate and Social Impact”. Programa disponibel aquí.

Vitores, A. ; Gil, A. Feliu, J. ; Vall-llovera, M. «Girls and videogames: performing femininity in a gendered site»

This presentation shows some of the findings of a research undertaken in Barcelona, Spain, with the aim of exploring the gender-technology relation. We have designed 8 workshops within different toy libraries and community centres as sites to study the uses and meanings of video gaming for girls and the role of mothers’ relationship with technologies in shaping these uses and meanings. Every session implied 8 couples of an adult and a child (usually the father or the mother and a boy or a girl aged between 8 and 16) playing together different videogames during an hour. After every session of game play two focus groups were conducted (one with the children and the other with the adults). Here we will present our findings specifically regarding daughters’ playing and discussion. Our analysis revealed some common elements (play performance, reports of taste and competence and accounts of use, time of use and appreciation) that allow us to argue the willingness for girls’ to perform femininity in relation to videogames.