Domingo, Febrero 23, 2020

Transana 2.3

Transana 2.3


Acaba de salir una nueva versión (2.3) de Transana.

Copio directamente, la información sobre las novedades:


Version 2.30 includes many very exciting new features. For example, Transana can now display multiple transcripts at once, allowing researchers who embed different layers of analysis in different transcripts to do very complex and subtle analyses exploring the interplay of these multiple analytic layers. We have created a new version of Transana for use in computer labs where data cannot be the local computer. Longitudinal analysis is now easier to set up manipulate. We've added a mechanism for adding large video collections to Transana with one command. You can now merge clips. There are new features designed to make creating clips even easier. For more information, please see the release notes.